Thermoforming Advantages

Ensuring A Job Well Done

Although Thermoforming has been around for some time, it still remains one of the most economical ways to mold plastic. Thermoforming is better known as Vacuum Forming or Pressure Forming. Thermoforming has many advantages:

  • Lower Start-up costs
  • Low initial project costs
  • Better Tooling Lead Times
  • Relatively Short Production Times
  • Flexible Modifications can easily be performed
  • Custom Tailored to Small Market - Low Volume projects
  • Greater tightness of specifications can be achieved
  • Higher Tolerances can be attained
  • Details are sharper for produced parts

Thermoforming is one of the most cost effective ways to test designs of products or to perform prototyping. Encon Custom Plastics Manufacturing has a rich experience in working with product developers and engineers.

Any limitations are discussed with our customers well before commitments are made. Once we have taken on a job, we are obligated to meet agreed upon specifications. Shop floor monitoring is in place to check tolerances at every step. Color consistency, surface texture, wall thickness; location, size and shape of routed sections, youwrite the specifications and we will produce parts within the prescribed tolerances... or we will not take on the job.

48 x 72 Thermoformer Pictured at left, is the 48" x 72" Thermoformer. It's shown with a deep draw female mold. Female Molds provide for maintaining closer tolerances on outside dimensions. They, also, produce higher resolution detail on the outer surfaces on the finished part. The "plug assist", which is positioned directly above the mold, is used to distribute the material more evenly during the vacuum forming process.