Die Cutting & Routing

Die Cutting

Certain Parts lend themselves to steel rule die cutting (shown at left). Steel rule die cutting is particularly suited to wall thicknesses of 0.150" or less. Steel rule dies can be built for a fraction of the cost of matched metal dies. With our hydraulic and roller cutting presses, we can offer consistent, clean trimmed parts at considerable cost savings.


CNC Robotic Routing

Often thermoformed parts require secondary trimming or routing that is cost prohibitive using conventional equipment. Encon Custom Plastics Manufacturing has three fully programmable CNC ROBOTIC ROUTERS (pictured below) that produce consistently precise cuts and represent a cost effective alternative. These computerized trimmers are capable of producing cut-outs, holes, slots, and precision edges a high speeds... machining grade tolerances. The process not only improves the quality of the parts, but reduces scrap loss significantly and drives down costs.