Welcome to EnconPlastics.com

EnconPlastics.com is the new home of Encon Custom Plastics Manufacturing, a division of Encon Safety Products, Inc.

Started in 1970, Custom Plastics Manufacturing has built a lasting legacy of quality and unequaled manufacturing and production efficiencies in the Vacuum Thermoforming and Pressure Thermoforming industry. Encon Custom Plastics, now in its 39th year, provides clear advantages to its clients with innovation, experience, and total customer satisfaction.

Our people make the difference. The average tenure of our employees is over 15 years. The accumulated experience and technical competence of our staff adds value to the products we produce. The high levels of experience permit us to utilize on-line quality assurance checks. The specifications of your parts are checked against acceptable tolerances at each work station to provide 100% assurance of a quality finished product.

Encon Custom Plastics would like to talk to your company or organization should you have the need for custom Vacuum Thermoforming or Pressure Thermoforming. With so many years of experience, we can provide the expertise you need to ensure that your project is a successful one. Simply click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of this website to get the help you need fast.
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